Jim Gurr is an amalgam of multiple disciplines and media. In 2013 completing a Bachelor of Environments at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Landscape Architecture and Cinema Studies - alongside screenwriting at RMIT.

Recent projects include INTERVENTION (2016) a solo exhibition of photography and audio-visual installations exploring unrest and emptinesss in Paris following the terror attacks of 2015. Also ongoing is Orphaned Ingredients: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the fridge (2015-) an evolving visual/culinary diary. 

Co-founding MWG Production in 2006 to foster independent, artistic projects during schooling. Most prominent production the acclaimed adaptation of Tim Burton's short story The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy (2008). Other films have been recognised in the National Gallery of Victoria, "Kunst Film" (2008), and the St. Kilda film festival, Game of the Gods (2012)

"there is always the next project, creativity should never die..."


Intervention Versailles, 2016, Jim Gurr