Candice Hurwitz


Since 1995 Candice has worked on a variety of arts and health projects, integrating sustainable art into the built environment, into architecture and into people’s lives.  She began as Arts Director to various NHS Trusts and subsequently as arts lead and founder director for First Aid Art+, an arts consultancy commissioned by construction and building consortia and working with NHS Trusts and organisations in the wider arts and health area.  The First Aid Art+ team works with architects, landscape consultants and engineers, writing and developing arts strategies to embed and implement into new hospital builds.

Candice co-chaired the design team, which delivered the award winning Central Middlesex Hospital, working with the Centre for Architecture in the Built Environment (CABE) and the Prince’s Foundation.  She set up NWLH Arts & Design for the North West London Hospitals Trust, launching their ground breaking visual and performing arts programme at the House of Commons.  She has mentored arts students in the healthcare environment and co-wrote a module for the MA in Public Arts for Barnet College, setting up a joint partnership agreement in the MA with the arts programme for the Hospital Trust.

First Aid Art+ developed a highly acclaimed and unique arts project for the North Middlesex University Hospital PFI project. The project delivered relevant sustainable art integrated into the architecture and landscape of the new building.  The project was a collaboration between First Aid Art+, the design team of construction company Bouyges’, the North Middlesex Hospital Trust and the healthcare community.

Candice was a founder member and Trustee of London Arts and Health Forum and served as a trustee for two different long term periods. Recently Candice was consultant on the Positive Pictures of Health – Health and Enlightenment project; a high profile project which was installed in the Deanery in Russell Square, London.  Candice and First Aid Art+ continue to submit and develop arts strategies for building consortiums for the development of various NHS hospital Trusts. 

Fiona, installation of 9 monotypes, 195 x150cms, 2013.

These portraits of people with epilepsy were first shown at the National Portrait Gallery, London in 2013 in the solo exhibition Susan Aldworth: The Portrait Anatomised.