Cultivamos Cultura is a platform for experimentation and development of shared knowledge in the theory and practice of science, technology and contemporary art. In other words, Cultivamos Cultura provides conditions to foster your creativity. Cultivamos Cultura organizes activities in the areas of production, dissemination, research, education and exhibition. It is also part of our mission to contribute a strong sense of cultural identity by fostering the generation of bonds with the local community and environment. We are located in an old farm house at the village of São Luís, within the Southwest Alentejo Natural Park, on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, approximately 200 Km south of Lisbon. Summer schools, artists residencies and workshopstake place every summer


Our work is research based, observing the human body in all its diversity; life and nature in all its beauty, strength, fragility, disease, mortality and death. All this and more is what inspires us.



A non-profit organisation is an international collective where Art and Science become entangled. This interdisciplinary association unites artists, scientists and those with a passion for the synergy between Art, Science,Technology and Philosophy. The pursuit, analysis and advocacy of, and participation in 'The Activity' that is brought about by the melding of Art and Science. To organise and curate Sci-Art exhibitions, conferences and collaborative projects, To support the publication of articles, books and films. To provide the opportunity for artists and medical artists to visit labs and dissection rooms.


On the fabric of life. A touring exhibition about the fabric of life inspired by Andreas Veralius 1514-1564.

Vesalius Continuum

An International interdisciplinary Platform where Science and Art meet.